Monday, 24 March 2014

My 3rd novel: Down The River From Erskine Bridge

.... My new dream is to write and release this new novel this year. And I will start within the next days or weeks.

Down The River From Erskine Bridge is a different and far more time restrained novel which takes part over a period of six months. It will be a dark book which delves more into the dark side of the mankind than any thing I have written about before. My aim is to shake myself and the reader up a great deal.

The book will have a short prelude and two chapters. I don't know how long it will be. But it will be substantial shorter than Fragments. It will though be a punch up and full on from page 1. That is all I know about it. This novel will become a novel during the writing process.

Release around one year or shorter from today. I am still missing the artwork for this novel and I may even ask a Facebook friend to do it for me. Or I may do it with my camera as I have done it on the two previous novels.

I am really looking forward to writing Down The River From Erskine Bridge. In the meantime; support my ground coffee bills by purchasing both The Final Ride and Fragments Of Peter Svarttjern's Saga.

A great moment in my life...... getting the proof reader version of Fragments..

I have decided to follow Amazon's advice and to release the book on paperback too. That for a nominal cost and where Amazon does the stock. The profits is not that big. I am not writing novels for profit or to earn any money. I do it because writing novels is me, my life. 

The cover, the jacket and the back page needs substantial revisions and I will do them this week before I submit the layout files again to Amazon. The text is brilliant (sorry.... wrong word) and so is the paper quality. 

I am very pleased. It has always been my dream to hold one of my books in my hand. That dream has now been fulfilled. But onwards to the next dream, to my next goal....

....which is...... 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fragments Of Peter Svarttjern's Saga

Yes, this new novel, a 130 000 words/320 pages long novel was released on the 1. March and I have been busy since then with other things.

The novel is a pretty twisted take on the family saga issue where the first word of the book title clarify why this is not a 450 000 words long novel. It is long as it is. It is also a book I have wanted to write and publish for the best part of 20 years. I am very happy with it.

The book can be purchased from Amazon and you can read a taster of it by clicking at the cover.

My Author profile at Amazon (yes, it could had been better/I will improve it)

I am an author and I was probably born an author too back in 1968. Releasing my first novel The Final Ride was like coming out of a prison. I now feel free.

My background is in IT, journalism, music publishing and record label management, promotion and marketing, blogging and web page creation. I have always wanted to release the novels I have been carrying in my head for many years. I hope to do that on an annual basis.

I do not intend to make a living of my novels. I just love the writing, editing and publishing process. This is why I am doing this and I am grateful to Amazon and others for giving me this platform.

My novels is and will be about those who has shut themselves/have been shut out of a normal life due to various reasons. Those with personality disorders and delusions. Some of them are even my own.

Thank you for reading this and visiting/buying my books.

Torodd Fuglesteg

Paisley, Scotland

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A restart

I am restarting this blog as an outlet for my author publishing needs. I have released two novels and will start work on the third novel soon.

I will update this blog with info about the two novels and my new novel.

This is  the first post and more will be added later on.