Saturday, 15 March 2014

My Author profile at Amazon (yes, it could had been better/I will improve it)

I am an author and I was probably born an author too back in 1968. Releasing my first novel The Final Ride was like coming out of a prison. I now feel free.

My background is in IT, journalism, music publishing and record label management, promotion and marketing, blogging and web page creation. I have always wanted to release the novels I have been carrying in my head for many years. I hope to do that on an annual basis.

I do not intend to make a living of my novels. I just love the writing, editing and publishing process. This is why I am doing this and I am grateful to Amazon and others for giving me this platform.

My novels is and will be about those who has shut themselves/have been shut out of a normal life due to various reasons. Those with personality disorders and delusions. Some of them are even my own.

Thank you for reading this and visiting/buying my books.

Torodd Fuglesteg

Paisley, Scotland

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