Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Yes, I finally did it !!!!!

The Final Ride is finally out and for sale here
I will not make any comments about the book as I leave that to the readers of the book. The plot is in the road movie, thriller and novel tradition. The feedback so far has been very positive.  It is a strange feeling to finally having completed and released this very personal novel. I feel both dazed and confused. I do a lot of promotion at the moment and does not know how much the book has sold so far. It will be offered for sale through other bookstores too. The likes of Amazon etc etc.

I learnt a lot from writing and releasing this book. New wisdom I will apply when I start to write my next book, Of Peter Svartjern's Saga. That book will be a different kettle of fish than The Final Ride.

My plan is to release one book a year or so. I got plenty of ideas for books. I will do them in my own pace. My life does not depend on them. I am glad The Final Ride is finally out and out of the way.

The rest of my life ?  I am not suffering, let me put it that way.