Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Books.... The Manchurian Candidate


I first time read the Norwegian translation of Richard Condon's The Manchurian Candidate more than thirty years ago. It was in my grandfather Ola's collection and I read it when I was on holiday in Sogn. A great read and it became one of my alltime favourite books. The plot is excellent and captivated me from page one and onwards. It was my first love when it comes to grown up books. Actually, it was my first love among books. The book is one of the best political satires I have ever read and that really also got me interested in political satires too.

I have finally ordered the original version today through Amazon and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this truly brilliant book. I paid 1 pence for it and £ 2.80 in postage. A no brainer, really.

I have got quite a good book collection now with political satires and biographies, thrillers and novels. I am also working on my new novel and is trying not to borrow too much from the novels I am reading myself. After a long break away from books, I have become a bookworm again. The Jo Nesboe books has been ordered and I am halfway through them. His Harry Hole book is excellent. Ian Rankin also has a lot of excellent books. I like those gritty books. I am also fan of sports books and other topical books.

Books and writing is my first love and biggest interest in life, I have to admit. I was born like that and spent most of my childhood and youth among books. I took a long break away from books when I amassed 2000 a big music collection, but have now returned to them. I have a 200 books or so big collection and that is the only luxury I spend money on now.

I am really looking forward to read The Manchurian Candidate and I hope the orginal version it has the same bite and acid sarcasm as the Norwegian translation has. In that case, there will be a lot of laugh out loud moments. Maybe I should get the DVD and fix my DVD player too. The book was made into a major film with Frank Sinatra involved. The book was also John F. Kennedy's favourite book too.

I am eagerly awaiting the postman next week.