Monday, 24 March 2014

My 3rd novel: Down The River From Erskine Bridge

.... My new dream is to write and release this new novel this year. And I will start within the next days or weeks.

Down The River From Erskine Bridge is a different and far more time restrained novel which takes part over a period of six months. It will be a dark book which delves more into the dark side of the mankind than any thing I have written about before. My aim is to shake myself and the reader up a great deal.

The book will have a short prelude and two chapters. I don't know how long it will be. But it will be substantial shorter than Fragments. It will though be a punch up and full on from page 1. That is all I know about it. This novel will become a novel during the writing process.

Release around one year or shorter from today. I am still missing the artwork for this novel and I may even ask a Facebook friend to do it for me. Or I may do it with my camera as I have done it on the two previous novels.

I am really looking forward to writing Down The River From Erskine Bridge. In the meantime; support my ground coffee bills by purchasing both The Final Ride and Fragments Of Peter Svarttjern's Saga.

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